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Hello Dedicated Transformers

Since it says to introduce myself here and no other place that I can find ( I am no whiz on computers, and this is the most complex web/site that I have ever used/encountered) It seems that I am rude to butt in on the gal from Finland .

Here goes I am from Canada. I live under a rock in Cape Breton. I became allergic to concrete and had so many pain sites that I was compelled to move here. Just as well because I always wanted to live in the country.

I never planned to get fat and stay single, though.I really hope this diet (s) works because I am giving them, VFX plus ESE, my all and am hoping for a miracle. My body felt good enough actually to do one set of the week #1 workout. I have been basically immobile since I was victim of home invasion in late August 2014.

Shattered scapula, ribs and split open head. I was left for dead. But I did not die, and want to live a good life and being fat doesn't fit my definition, sorry but I was of a generation that does not display fat lovingly to the world, but feels that it should be shut away or better: vanish the fat.

That has been my wish,which I hope I can work into a reality. I am putting my faith here and doing all that is asked of me, blindly and gladly and hopefully.

That was a real wake up to measure me..waist grew eight whopping inches.Time to learn some new skills and attitudes , Wishing you all a lean, mean 2016!

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